$350.00 incl. GST


  • Materials: soft fur, eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic and sustainable filler, with the zipper at the back of teddy
  • Assembled in Australia from imported and local materials
  • Teddy bear skin surface is washable and easy to take care of
  • Add luxury custom gift card personalized note

Use it for home décor, fluffy soft pillow, bean bag. It is your new friend for cuddling!

Our teddies come fully stuffed! 


Delivery takes 2-7 business days




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The Best Gift Ever!



Because we want to change the way you used to think about teddy bears, here is the solution of how to deliver unique gifting experience.

A classic brown 160cm teddy bear is the cutest and largest teddy bear you possibly can find in Australia. You would be surprised how many people are dreaming to get such kind of surprise. And it is not only children. Adult people also fall in love with our cute giant teddy bear family.  Someone you love has waited a lifetime to get a teddy bear like this… and we are here in order to make YOU that person who will make that dream happen! And did we mention, 160cm tall?

What could potentially make this giant teddy bear gift even better? A variety of gift options of course! Add luxury colored satin ribbon, or maybe giant helium balloon? What about a little cute chocolate bar with your customized note on a gift card? If it is not enough, this is definitely an ultimate add-on: add a luxury box of 1kg chocolates [ Bounty, Snickers, Milky Way or Twix]. What a bomb for chocolate lovers!

Classic Brown Teddy Bear 160CM

Weight 2 kg



Light brown

Made of

Premium soft luxurious short pile fur/ Brand new premium quality
Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial filler


-custom message on creative gift card
-ribbon ( blue, white, red and pink)
-chocolate box


Teddy Bear Australia


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Teddy Bear Care

Our giant teddy bears should not be cleaned in washing machine, because it will cause a damage as our teddy bears are made from natural sustainable fibre filler which should stay dry. Everything depends what is the nature of soil on the plush toy.

If your new friend just got a spot, you can easily remove this. Take a fabric or upholstery cleaner ( we recommend to use eco cleaners only), spray the dirty spot, grab a clean white hand towel and rub it. It is better to avoid using any colourful towels or sponges, as they can leave dirty spots. Wipe with a clean towel until the spot is gone, let it air dry and brush that cleaned area to bring the old look and shape.

How to clean the dust on your teddy bear? The most effective method is regular vacuum cleaning. You should gently vacuum over the entire giant teddy bear.

If your new giant furry teddy bear requires more serious cleaning and contains heavy dirt and spots,  we would recommend to use professional cleaner service.