160CM Plush Toys

Say Hi to our cute and most popular teddy bear! This is 160cm teddy bear category and here you can find light classic brown, luxury white, sweet pink, and light elegant grey colour options. Full size when standing is 160cm. Luxury branded teddy bears are made of high quality eco-friendly sustainable materials. This is most favourite size by our clients. If you find difficult to come up wit decision which teddy bear you should choose, here is some tips and advice. 160cm teddy bears are quite huge if the receiver is under 15 years old.

We advise to go with this size if you are looking for a special gift for events such as baby and children birthday, baby shower, new born christening or you are looking for unique gift for colleague for maternity leave. Then, this option works the best! You can add a ribbon by gender: if it is for boy- add a blue ribbon, if it is for a girl- add a pink colour. This category is very popular for themed parties and events, most common and optimal size for styling the event for baby parties by choosing pink, grey or white colours teddy bears. For more information about teddy bear hire for the events you can find here ( hire a teddy bear page link). To make the most of complete unique gifting experience, we offer many adds-on such as: occasion related balloons, gift card, chocolate bars, candy boxes.

We can create gift wrapping and ship it in the box that the person will not have any clue what is inside until they open. If you do not have time to organize a gift, we can deliver giant teddy bear straight to receiver’s door at any time of the day to make the most of the unexpected surprise (please note: this option only available in Sydney).

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